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Your work is nothing less than Incredible. Great job (especially with a couple of amatuers) we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
-Paul Majchrzak

Regarding Paul: He is a friend of mine and a world class sound guy. I am amazed at what he offers and I will say that you will not find a nicer human being to work with. If you have any questions call me... I think he's doing a fine service.
Guitars of Pikesville

Paul (Tonezone) has been with the Hipcats on multiple occasions. He is the real deal. He's an experienced sound engineer with an excellent ear - his product is first class (the live sound, the recording and the mixing).
Go to here if you want to hear what he did for us at an OUTSIDE venue in a fierce thunderstorm that bordered on a tornado. How we all survived without being electrocuted, I don't know. If you can find a better engineer, please let us know. We haven't found one.
Mobtown Hipcats

We've used Paul (Tonezone) to run our sound, and he really knows his stuff. By the way, I have been working in corporate audio and video production since I was 20 - I'm 43 now and I can say with authority that Paul is a real A1 engineer. There are plenty of people out there who know how to hook up their gear, but few who actually know the finer points of tweaking the sound.
The Treading Lemmings

He did a live recording of a former band of mine. I have to say, he was an amazingly nice guy and knowledgeable about recording. His equipment was first rate as well - I was shocked to see someone bringing Neumanns to the gig instead of just loading up 57s (which are perfectly good mics)...very professional and personable. It was a very good experience and he comes highly recommended.

My first experience w/ Tonezone was when he came to MY studio (ok so it is a heavily carpeted room in my basement w/ padded walls that is used for NOTHING else but music and to keep me from getting loose) We did not just record live but seperated the instruments to record them, went back and put the vocal tracks on, then they were mixed, effects added and sent to us. Paul did spend a good deal of time on the phone w/ me prior to us hiring him working out details / possibilities etc. He can do more than just live recording.
-Tony 'Fingaz' Finazzo

From personal experience I have used Tonezone mobile recording 2x, Paul is the real deal with lots of experience under his belt

Speaking fom personal experience, Paul has been 100% cordial and helpful to myself and my band. I have had multiple conversations with him and the (complementary) advice he has given us regarding live sound and some tricks of the trade has been invaluable. We even offered to pay him and he declined, saying "The meter starts running when I am on site, and not until then."
-Bill Kinney,
Uncle Sticky

I got the CD yesterday as you said. I listened to the song quality, and was proud to hear the difference in the voices and music. The quality of the tracks sounds rich and full. You are really dynamic at what you do. If it is ok, we'll put your website on the cover of our cd to help spread the word.
-Robet Walker,
Community of Faith Massed Choir

My band has used Paul on two occasions and I have to say that it was the very best live sound reinforcement we have had.

Great mixes, Paul. I've been doing live sound on the hobby level for a little while and I'm always building my gear stash. The same board was my latest big purchase. I'm inspired by what you do with yours and can't wait to put mine to work.

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