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ToneZone provides something that until now has been unavailable to performers - an affordable way for you make quality multitrack recordings. I will arrive at your location for soundcheck and unobtrusively integrate the compact recording system with your sound system. I record your performance and your audience.

I bring high-quality microphones to ensure a quality multitrack recording. When completed, I can mix your music, with your guidance if you want to give it. End product can be CD masters, MP3s or other file formats, OR the individual tracks can be delivered to you in 24-bit Broadcast .WAV files via Dropbox for you to mix on your own DAW.

You will end up with great sounding tracks, and the money you make from your show may even pay for it!

I have reasonable, affordable rates. You won't have to drag all your gear into an expensive recording studio, I record at your show or rehearsal, on your schedule, wherever you are comfortable.

I use professional, portable, digital equipment that's quick to set up and transparent to your audience and performers. Recording live albums isn't as difficult as you think!

Some people believe that the digital revolution in recording has diluted music, taken away it's earthiness and reduced musicians to computer-dependent drones. They're wrong. What it has done is open up the realm of possibilities so that the practicalities are less of a problem.

Want to really capture the ambience of a church hall? - record there then. It's now entirely possible to create professional recordings with the minimum of practical difficulties in almost any environment. Your rehearsal space, your living room, an old warehouse - anywhere which is right for you.

What I Don't Do

  • I don't do graphics, artwork, or CD duplication
  • I don't charge a lot of money because I keep my overhead low.
  • I won't charge you more than I agreed.
  • I won't sell you stuff you don't want.
  • I won't promise results that I can't deliver.
  • I'm not an executive, a manager, A&R guy, producer or agent.
  • I won't keep your recordings or retain any rights to them. You can sell them, take them to another studio, copy them, or set fire to them (although I hope you don't).
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