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Mobtown Hipcats

Mobtown Hipcats

Neither stuffy nor starving, The Hipcats already have jobs (doctors, psychologist, journalist, computer engineer, life coach)
...this is what they do to keep their mojo working.

The line up is Kit, Bass, Guitar, Keys, 2 Horns and 5 vox, and they play New Orleans flavor R&B.

This recording was made outdoors in a tent at a large yard party on a 100 sultry August day. We recorded two sets , and were stopped before the last set by a huge electrical/torrential storm which swept up and engulfed us all in a massive deluge. Fortunately plastic sheeting was available to cover the gear and prevent disaster.

The Hipcats, like the troupers they are, rescued their back line and a couple of monitors from the downpour, and carried on for a third set inside the house.

All in all, a pretty exciting day.

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